What’s Your Style?

What’s Your Style?

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What’s Your Style?

As we already know, everything you can relate to is a brand, and you’re the first label. You can’t rule out the concept of style as brand, or as an individual. And you might want to ask how you can determine what style to adopt, and how you can establish your brand in such an unforgettable manner.

When it comes to having a great and memorable brand, constitency is key. But it is hard to talk about constitency when your style is left undefined. Whatever style means to you; a process of creation or a prevailing mode of presentation, It is all about communincating. What are portraying with your brain child or as an individual? You might want to check if you can reach the equilibrium; that point where projection meets with intention. The impact of your style goes beyond making a good first impression. A great style projects legitimacy with confidence.

Define Your Individuality and Embrace It –

I stand with Mahatma Ghandi on this one thing: when you lose your individuality, you have lost it all. Your choice of style should only emanate from your individuality. Owning up to your style is about bringing ‘you’ to life. This might seem rather abstract or philosophical, and what it means can vary from person to person, or product to product. Defining your individuality is about about making you – or your brain child – more meaningful to you, and to everyone else. There are two things are involved in this process; your purpose, and how you go about it. You might want to ask – what makes ‘me’ significant? What purpose(s) am I pursuing? What objectives should I consider a worthy cause? And what ethical principles should I embed in my quest? You can’t succesfully own up to style until you have answered these questions. Be true to style; let it represent your vision and creativity.

So whether you choose to go simple or sassy…or enigmatic, make sure you’re intentional about it. Create a style guide to establish your brand and enforce your style to improve communication. Make a list of your favourite style icons and do a bit of research. A style guide helps you to help your audience, ensuring consistency and comfort while letting you focus on other important things you need to take care of. And remember that whatever makes ‘you’ confident and beautiful never goes out of style.

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