Eating the right food is a better alternative to the allopathic medicine that most people run after. In the words of Hippocrates, “There are illnesses that can only be treated by nutrition.” And there are 3 basic categories of food that heal, and it’s a relief to know that these categories don’t contradict one another. These foods include –

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Spiritual foods

I’ll take these one after the other. So, I’ll mention at least 3 examples from each category. The first category is fruit. We’ll look at the veggies next time of Friday Moment. Fruits are natural stable foods; the oldest known to mankind. The benefits of fruits can never be under-emphasized. Fruits provide the vitamin, minerals and enzymes that the body requires to function properly, removes morbid wastes and maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the entire body system. Fruits don’t just help you grow well, they prevent and also cure certain illness that would cost you more if decide to visit the doctor’s.


74627-0-1459502036Headaches – Remove the upper rind and inner hard portion of a ripe apple, and eat the remainder with a little salt – on empty stomach – every morning, for the next one week.

Dry Cough – Eat about 250 grams of apples daily, for about one week.

Anaemia – Drink 1 kg of freshly prepared apple juice daily, preferably half an hour before dinner/supper: just before going to bed. The cider drawn from the apples should be thoroughly washed before crushing.

Constipation and Diarrhoea – Eat at least 2 apples daily for proper evacuation of bowels. For diarrhoea, cook or bake the apples. the cooking process will soften the cellulose and it will provide bulk to the faeces.

Dysentry – Crush some ripe and sweet apples in pulp and give to children suffering from dysentry several times a day, from one to four teaspoonfuls – according to their ages.

Heart disease – Eat plenty of apples with honey. Apples are rich in potassium and phosphorus and are low in sodium. Folks who consume plenty of potassium are likely to escape heart attacks and many other heart diseases.

Rheumatism – Boil apples to a jelly  and use as liniment for rheumatic pains. Rub the apple-jelly on the affected areas on the body.


avocado-halved-health-benefits-800x416Bad breath: Avocado is far superior to any mouth odour remedy for bad breath. it removes intestinal decomposition that causes bad breaths. For prevention or cure, consume more of avocado or drink its oil consistently.

Psoriasis: The oil extracted from avocado should be applied gently on the affected parts to help take the scales off.

Beauty Aid: Avocado oil is employed in the preparation of beauty aids such as creams, cleansers, bath oils, shampoos which prevents the ageing effects of dehydration and revitalizes scalp and hair. You can mix avocado oil with your creams for good results.

However, avocados become sour when cooked, and they can’t survive freezing either. It’s best to take avocados as fresh as possible. if you will have to store them, then store in a room temperature and not in a refrigerator.


facts.jpgThe good thing about mango is that both the ripe and unripe mangoes are beneficial to the body. Unripe mangoes help cure heat stroke, gastro-intestinal disorders bilious disorders and blood disorders while the ripe ones cure infections, weight loss female disorders, throat disorders and diabetes.

Heat Stroke: Cook unripe mangoes in hot ashes and mix the pith with water and sugar. In fact, eating raw mangoes with salt help quench thirst and prevents excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron due to excessive sweating in hot seasons.

Gastro-intestinal disorders: Eating one or two unripe mangoes whose seeds are not fully formed, with salt and honey is effective for curing diarrhoea, dysentry, piles, morning sickness, chronic dyspepsia indigestion and constipation. To treat bilious disorders, eat green mangoes daily with honey and pepper.
Eye Disorders: Ripe mangoes are good for curing night blindness and other eye disorders eating mangoes liberally will prevent development of refractive errors like dryness of the eyes, softening of the cornea, itching and burning of the eyes.

Infections: Bacterial invasions are as a result of poor epithelium (the tissues that cover the external surface of body). Liberal intake of mangoes contributes towards the formation of healthy epithelium.

Weight loss: The mango-milk is an ideal cure to for weight loss. For this mode of treatment, ripe and sweet mangoes should be selected. Mangoes should be taken first then milk, and it should be taken thrice – morning afternoon night.

Mango can be of help when it comes to treating reproductive organs. The juice from fresh mango bark can be used to treat heavy bleeding during menstruation. To cure lucorrhoea, vaginitis and relaxed walls due to to multiple pregnancies, apply a teaspoon of the paste of the decorticated kernel of mango inside the vagina. You may also apply paste on vagina half an hour before having sex  to get the virgin feeling and yes, it works well as a safe contraceptive.


Unripe mangoes should not be taken in excess to irritation indigestion, dysentry and abdominal colic. Don’t consume more than two green mangoes daily. Don’t drink water immediately after taking an unripe mango because it will coagulate the sap and make it more irritant.

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